We had this scarf tied on an outfit Saturday and not less than a dozen customers have asked how to tie it. Here are the step-by step directions ladies!
knotted waterfall scarf tie

Start with the center of your scarf draped over your chest. The ends should be hanging down your back, one over each shoulder.
knotted waterfall scarf tie 1

Cross the ends in the back and bring them to the front. Adjust so the drape is where you want it to be and one end is shorter than the other.
knotted waterfall scarf tie 2

Bring the long end across your chest and tie it in a knot around the short end.
knotted waterfall scarf tie 3

knotted waterfall large scarf

With a Large Scarf

knotted waterfall with a fringe scarf

With a Fringe Scarf

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