Blending colors is my favorite part of putting together outfits. There’s a lightbulb that goes off when it’s just right!

Here’s a great “just right” combo to try this month:
Freesia (yellow) and Sand (tan)

Inspired By:
This lovely striped cardi inspired this week’s post. We layered it over a floral tee to mix prints, added a great pair of vintage sandals, and grabbed a pair of denim shorts.

yellow tan stripes

TIP— yellow looks great with navy and denim!

We added a bit of gray to this mix in the shoe adornments and the stone in the necklace.

yellow tan pattern

TIP—A yellow coat is a lovely way to brighten up a rainy day.

Color Blocking:
Mixing solids is my favorite way to try a new color combination.

yellow tan color blocking

Bronze and copper metallics look great with yellow and tan.

I don’t look good in yellow:
Yep, me neither. My pale/pink complexion doesn’t know what to do with a bright yellow, BUT I can do more of a deep mustard. Or just opt for wearing it away from your face- either in shorts or capris, a sandal, or accessories.

yellow tan with olive

Try olive green as a neutral to blend with your tan and mustard yellow.