I did a little closet clean out/organization over the weekend. You know what I found? There are 6 royal blue t-shirts in my closet.  Clearly I need to pick another color.  Sometimes you get stuck in a fashion rut.  A new season is a great time to try new colors and styles.  Be a little adventurous.  What’s the worst that could happen?

Check out our Fall/Winter Fashion Trends pin board for some great ideas.

Fashion- Fall Winter 2013 -

Fashion is like art- go with what you are drawn to.  Is it bright colors or soft pastels, lots of layers, fitted or oversized?

Mom stepped a bit out of her comfort zone this morning. She loves wearing soft colors, neutrals and flowing fabrics. Her “adventurous” combination was pairing a slate blue top with a green denim pant. Not two colors she typically wears together.  She topped it with a flowy gray cardigan.  Then to take one more step she wore carmel brown flats. I think it looks great!  A bit of the monochrome look that she loves with some color blocking mixed in.

Best Bib and Tucker Barb Wise

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