Memorial day is a big flea market weekend in Hartville. Whether searching for treasures at the flea or picking at garage sales, dressing right can make the world of difference in your lasting power.

saturday garage sales
Don’t let the wrong outfit (and lack of snacks) prevent you from scoring the find of the year!

Must wears:

  • Comfortable shoes–¬†Hartville Flea Market spans over 12 acres! Luckily Hartville is paved so you don’t have to worry too much about mud and dirt but on big weekends like this you may be parked in the grass. Morning dew and canvas shoes do not mix.
  • Layers- Looks like it’s going to be a warm Memorial Day. Depending on your starting time you may want to bring a sweater along for morning chill. Also, indoor shops are air conditioned.
  • Don’t mind getting dirty- The best stuff is often overlooked because it’s coated in a decades worth of dust. Don’t miss out because you are afraid to mess up your clothes.
  • Watch your skirt length- If going with a skirt or dress opt for a maxi. Anything shorter will slow you down and prevent you from bending to grab things displayed on the ground or in bins.
  • A hat- Protection from the sun and you won’t get a headache from spending the day squinting.
  • A Crossbody bag or tote– Something so you can have two arms free, light weight so your shoulder and back doesn’t hurt at the end of the day, and large enough to store extra sun screen and snacks.

What to Wear to the Flea Market 1 What to Wear to the Flea Market 2 What to Wear to the Flea Market 3

If you are in the area for the weekend come say hi. Best Bib and Tucker will be open Friday and Saturday from 10-5pm. We’ll be closed Memorial Day for a mini break and to hit the flea ourselves!

Looking for more picking?
Historic Downtown Hartville will be hosting the first Hartville Community Sidewalk Sale on Saturday June 14th from 10am-3pm. Take out a booth to sell your stuff- yard sale items, antiques, handmade, direct sales, etc. or come shop. For more information visit Second Saturdays in Historic Downtown Hartville.