The thermometer may read -3 but we have spring on our minds today! Have you seen Pantone’s Spring 2014 color report?  Take a look at these beauties…we’re feeling warmer already.
Pantone Spring 2014 ColorsHemlock, Radiant Orchid, and Sand are our top three favorites at BBT! Let us know your favorites on our Facebook Page!

Add these colors into your current wardrobe to be right on trend for spring. Try these combinations:

Pantone Spring 2014 Hemlock + Cayenne + Paloma + SandPantone Spring 2014 Sand + Freesia + PalomaPantone Spring 2014 Sand + Placid Blue + Dazzling Blue + PalomaPantone Spring 2014 Radiant Orchid + CayennePantone Spring 2014 Sand + Placid Blue + Freesia + Celosia Orange
Pantone Spring 2014 Hemlock + Dazzling Blue + Violet Tulip + Radiant OrchidPantone Spring 2014 Hemlock +Celosia Orange