To say we are excited for spring is an understatement. Along with the additional sunshine and warmer weather comes the re-opening of our shop in its new location!

To celebrate we are looking ahead to Spring fashion. Today we are taking a look at the fashion trends from the past couple seasons that are still going strong into the next.

Mixed Patterns

If you haven’t jumped on the mixed pattern bandwagon, there’s still time. Combining patterns can be tricky but sticking to a toned down color palate can make the task less daunting.

I’ll admit I have not gone out and bought a chambray button up.  I just wasn’t sure how to wear it. But, the trend continues and after finding these outfits on Pinterest I’m seriously considering adding one to my wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans
I don’t know about you but I’m pretty tired of the whole skinny jeans with boots look. It’s time to toss the boots for a pair of flats and cuff those jeans to update your look!

Note the cute oxfords above and come back for next week’s Spring 2013 Accessory Preview!