Straw bags are a symbol of summer. They evoke memories of relaxing vacations, warm breezes, and outdoor living.

Bring a bit of the beach to your every day life with one of these great bags.

Straw Bag - Kate Spade
straw bag 3
Straw Bag- Eric Jarvits

How to Clean a Straw Purse
The trick to cleaning your straw purse is not to get it too wet. A slightly damp cloth can be used to wipe off dust and light dirt. For tougher spots try a delicate soap and work the spot gently with a toothbrush.

Off Season Storage
When summer morphs to fall it’s time to put the straw bag away. Be sure to clean it and let it dry completely before storing in a dark, dry place. As with all clothing, do not store in a plastic bag. Opt instead for a fabric dust bag or even a cotton pillowcase. Stuff it with tissue paper to help hold shape and keep plenty of space around the bag to prevent crushing, dents and tears. One of our favorite off season storage locations is a vintage suitcase.