We have a steady stream of graduates shopping for suits and business-wear for interviews and new jobs. But what to do about the teen looking for a summer job? The interview dress code for most “summer jobs” is much more casual but still not jeans and a t-shirt relaxed.

What to avoid:
– Denim, including colored denim and jackets
– Shorts- opt instead for pants or a skirt
– Strapless tops and dresses
– Graphic tee’s
– Strappy sandals and flip flops
– Low cut tops
– Loose fitting tops
– Short skirts- if you can’t touch your toes it’s too short. Remember to try sitting down- it will get shorter when you sit.
teen summer job clothing nos

What to wear to a summer job interview:
– Watch your material- look for synthetics rather than cotton which tends to look too casual
– Layers for coverage
– Collared shirts
– Keep it simple- black pants or skirt with a top and basic jewelry
– Flats or a low heel

teen summer job ideas
Three Finger Rule:
Hold your index, middle, and ring finger together under your collar bone. If your ring finger doesn’t touch the top of your shirt (top photos) it’s too low for an interview.
three finger ruleFixes?  Try tightening the straps of your cami- Barb and I are both wearing the same cami in the photos above. Her straps are shortened AND pinned to her bra. Or if your tank comes up higher in the back turn it around and wear it backwards!