The opinion on wearing pantyhose is definitely split on generational lines.  The 50+ crowd grew up wearing pantyhose and on the other end of the spectrum  many of the 20 and younger ladies out there have never worn a pair.

Mom and I talk about this all the time.  In summertime we both usually go the bare legged route, especially when wearing casual skirts and dresses.  Even for formal occasions in the summer I tend to go without because I like wearing open-toed shoes.  I cringe when I see ladies wearing strappy sandals with a reinforced-toed pair of hose.

My only summertime exception would be for days I’m wearing a suit.  Without the pantyhose, the business professional look seems to fall a little short.  So, I wear them with a pair of closed-toed shoes and hope it stays cool.

Wintertime is a completely different (and chilly) story.  If I’m dressed in a knee length cocktail dress or a pencil skirt the hose get put on too.  Usually super sheer so as not to be noticeable; I am very fair skinned and can’t stand when my legs look darker than my arms.  Or, I’ll do a sheer black, gray, or patterned pair.  I love all the patterned pantyhose out there this season- lots of options.

With my more casual dresses and skirts I go with tights.  Colored and patterned tights are really popular this season.  They can be worn with boots, heels, and ballet flats.  I wear leggins under my tunic tops and long sweaters.  Remember ladies, leggins are not pants, the top you wear over them should cover your bum.

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