A couple weeks ago I was tying a scarf for a customer using the Knotted Waterfall Tie. She requested a way for the drape to be shorter. After a minute of me playing around the Triple Knot Scarf was born!

scarf tying the triple knot

Let me tell you- I love this tie.

– It’s warm (especially using a pashmina scarf)

– It’s an intermediate tie (meaning more intricate than a basic, but easy enough that it only takes one or two demos to teach it)

– It stays in place

Here’s how to tie it:
triple knot 1

Start with your scarf draped in the front with the ends behind your back.
triple knot 2

Cross in the back and bring the ends to the front.
triple knot 3Pick an end and tie it in a knot around itself. This is knot #1.

triple knot 4

For knot #2, spread out the non-knotted end. Bring the corner closest to Knot #1 across and tie it above. triple knot 5

Knot # 3 is the trickiest. Take the other corner under the drape and finish by tying it above knot #2. triple knot 6

I love that this works with pashminas, and both large and regular width fashion scarves.