Wedding season is here!  Along with all the celebrating comes the inevitable “What do I wear?” Never fear, BBT is here to help solve this dilemma!

Your first step is to check your invitation.  The formality of a wedding largely depends upon the time of day the ceremony takes place and the location.  Morning, afternoon, and outdoor ceremonies are typically less formal than evening events.  Black tie and formal weddings usually include wording to clue you in on what to wear.  Without this direction you can assume the event is semi-formal, but if you are still in doubt contact the Mother of the Bride.

Morning and Afternoon: Semi-formal

Dress in your Sunday best.  Think flowy skirts, color, floral prints, cotton, linen, and chiffon.

Evening: Semi-formal
Dress for an evening out at a nice restaurant. Think metallic touches, satins and silk.

Evening: Formal/Black Tie Optional

Step it up a notch. You can choose between a short or long gown. Think elegant, beading, and more prominent jewelry.

Evening: Black Tie

Dress for the Oscars.  A floor-length gown is a must.

Bonus Tips:

  • Don’t wear white or ivory.
  • While black is ok for an evening wedding, try to wear color to a morning or afternoon event.
  • Bring a wrap, cardigan, or jacket to cover your shoulders during the ceremony and to fend off AC chill during dinner.
  • Change purses; cute and pretty for day or a small clutch for evening.
  • If wearing open-toed shoes, pedicure feet and polish toes.
  • Don’t wear stilettos to an outdoor wedding.  You will sink in the grass.  Try a wider heel, wedges, or flats instead.
  • At a semi-formal event it’s okay to go without hosiery.
  • Unless the couple is getting married on the beach, flip flops are totally out of the question.